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    Schomburg & Graf GmbH & Co. KG.

    Hermann Schomburg and his nephew, Paul Graf, founded Schmburgh & Graf in 1932. Initially, they were involved in trading heels and shortly thereafter they were also involved in their production. Later on, other shoe sole materials were added. To date, rubber production on our own systems has been one of the core activities of our company.

    In 1948, Hermann Schomburg left the company and since then, the company has exclusively been continued by the Graf family. In the plastics sector, PVC footballs were produced until 1988. The soles made of polyurethane, which are essential today in modern shoe manufacturing, have been produced since 1979.  Today, the family-owned company in its third generation employs approx. 80 people and is one of the most important manufacturers of sole for safety shoes and shoe repair material.

    In dialogue with our customers, we offer consulting and solutions, which are aimed at a long-term cooperation. This is the only way in which we believe that it is possible to offer advantages for the customers and end consumers, such as good processing capability and utilisation characteristics. In this context, we attach importance to Schomburg & Graf exclusively having its headquarters in Wuppertal. This is a crucial advantage for implementing developments, suggestions and ideas in the interest of the customers.

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