Questions and answers

Why Schomburg & Graf GmbH & Co.KG?

The company Schomburg & Graf GmbH & Co.KG produces materials for the footwear industry and the shoemaking for more than 80 years. All materials are developed In our own laboratory and are produced as standard. A constant quality control guarantees our customers an equally high quality of our articles. Regular external reviews by various testing institutions (TÜV, Satra, PFI etc.) guarantee you a standard-compliant production of your or our articles furthermore.

Why rubber soles?

Rubber is still indispensable in the shoe industry. Whenever durability, resistance and good technical characteristics are concerned, there is no alternative to rubber.

I want to develop an own sole. What should I do?

We are quite prepared to develop an own sole with you. Please contact us, and our sales representatives will visit your company. We look after you from the first drawing to the finished shoe. Various partners from the shoe industry support us. We closely work together with mold and last makers (Fagus, Desma) or producers of adhesives (Siema, Renia). Do you want an elaboration of a design from us? This is no problem. We create the most modern desians together with various designers from the first drawing to the finished CAD program.

Minimum order quantities?

Yes, there are. We deliver from one pair of soles or one sheet for the shoe repair. This is the minimum order quantity. In general, we dispatch items on stock with 24 hours. Concerning special productions you have to reckon with delivery times of four to six weeks. In these cases minimum order quantities are mentioned in the corresponding offers.

I have a technical problem with the soles.

Please contact our employees from the development and sales department. In most cases we can already help you by phone due to our years of experience. If the problem is more significant, our sales representatives can visit vour company. and we try to solve this problem together with vou. Our own laboratory enables short-term tests as a basis of possible solutions.

To whom does Schomburg & Graf GmbH & Co.KG supply?

In general, we deliver to the industry and the wholesale. We work together with various merchants and associations in Europe. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need to know a trading partner in your area.

What is ESD?

“I got an electrical shock”. Who does not know that. You walk over a carpet and you get an electrical shock when you touch a metal latch. Several thousand volts can arise that are not dangerous for the human being. However, it looks different in the electrical industry or when handling flammable and explosive materials. There a spark is enough to cause a big damage. For this reason Schomburg & Graf GmbH & Co. KG produces ESD-soles (electrostatic discharge), that meet the requirements of the ESD-standard (DIN EN 61340-5-1). Attention: Every break of the chain, e.g. a wrong insole, results in a security risk of the shoe.

"ISO" Soles (insulating soles)

In the electrical engineering the worker needs insulating shoes. These shoes protect the wearer from an electrical flow through the body.

Conductive soles

These soles are used when the electrostatic charge should be derived or prevented. The exclusion of an electrical shock by energized parts is provided.

Are the soles acid resistant?

As there is a big number of acids, the resistance of the soles should be checked. Schomburg & Graf GmbH & Co.KG has a big data base of various acid resistances so that a statement can be made quickly. Furthermore we can determine the resistance when testing materials you sent to us.

Why PUR-soles?

PUR-soles can be used in low strain areas (e.g. light industry and service sectors). They have a low weight and a good foot comfort.