Natural rubber children's soles

Children’s soles made of natural rubber

Doesn’t work and can’t work! This is what we get to hear when we describe our own developed natural rubber compound. But we have managed to get by without other types of rubber in our compound. This means that there is no SBR, NBR or any other type of rubber. In the beginning, we wanted to develop a compound based on natural rubber, which would not endanger our children. After a long period of development, we have succeeded in improving this compound to such an extent that it even meets the strict requirements of various children’s shoe manufacturers with excellent results. Soles made of S&G natural rubber meet the requirements for the “Blue Angel” eco-label.



Our natural rubber children’s soles have been tested with the KS-BIO mixture mentioned by us according to various substance lists and tested as excellent. In addition, the test report in the SG test report from TÜV Rheinland in Cologne confirms the excellent values. The test report confirmed that the PAH values are so low that the mixture does not pose a risk even when it comes into contact with the skin (for longer than 30 seconds) or when it is put into the mouth. The limits were clearly undercut or classified as undetectable.


As a further step, this mixture can be changed to vegan, so that the requirements/wishes of today’s society can be met.